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Protestantpuritanworkethic horatioalger100novels

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Unformatted text preview: t I do what I want with my money? William Vande rbilt William $ The public be damned! $ What do I care about the law? H’aint I got the power? Ne w Financ ial Bus ine s s man B us The Broker: J. Pierpont Morgan Ne w Bus ine s s Culture : Ne “The Ame ric an Dre am? ” Protestant (Puritan) “Work Ethic” Horatio Alger [100+ novels] Is the idea of the “self­made man” a MYTH?? The Pro te c to rs o f Our Ind us trie s Ind The Chang ing Ame ric an Labo r Fo rc e Child Labo r Child Labo r Manag e me nt vs . Labo r “Tools” of Tools” Management Management “Tools” of Tools” Labor Labor “scabs” Collective Bargaining Pinkertons lockout informational picketing organized strikes blacklisting yellow­dog contracts A S trike r Co nfro nts a S CAB! Knig hts o f Labo r Terence V. Powderly An...
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  • Fall '11
  • BrotherMercier
  • Trigraph, Rail transport, First Transcontinental Railroad, Pullman Strike, Wo rke rs, William Vande rbilt

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