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Unformatted text preview: n o f Wo rk Wo The Assembly Line Ve rtic al and Ho rizo ntal Inte g ratio n Inte S tandard Oil Co . Re g ulating the Trus ts Re 1877 Munn. v. IL 1886 Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railroad Company v. IL 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act in “restraint of trade” “rule of reason” loophole 1895 US v. E. C. Knight Co. The Go s pe l o f We alth: The Re lig io n in the Era o f Re Indus trializatio n Indus $ Wealth no longer looked upon as bad. $ Viewed as a sign of God’s approval. $ Christian duty to accumulate wealth. $ Should not help the poor. Russell H. Conwell “On We alth” $ The Anglo­Saxon race is superior. $ “Gospel of Wealth” (1901). $ Inequality is inevitable and good. $ Wealthy should act as “trustees” for their “poorer brethren.” Andrew Carnegie Co rne lius [“Co mmo do re ”] Vande rbilt Vande Can...
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