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Unformatted text preview: Susan M. Pojer Susan Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY 1. Napoleonic Wars 1. Q 1806 Berlin Decrees [“Continental System”] Q 1806 Britain issued the “Orders in Council.” Q 1807 Milan Decrees Q 1808­1811 Britain impressed over 6,000 American sailors. 2. Chesapeake-Leopard “Affair” 2. Q June 21, 1807. Q Br. Captain fired on the USS Chesapeake. Q 3 dead, 18 wounded. Q Br. Foreign Office said it was a mistake. Q Jefferson’s Response: Forbade Br. ships to dock in American ports. Ordered state governors to call up as much as 100,000 militiamen. 3. The Embargo Act (1807) 3. The “OGRABME” Turtle Presidential Election of 1808 Presidential James Madison Becomes President President Dolly Madison: The President’s Greatest Asset Greatest 4. The Non-Intercourse Act (1809) (1809) Q Replaced the Embargo Act. Q Remained U. S. policy until 1812. Q Unexpected Consequences: N. Eng. was forced to become self­sufficient again [old factories reopened]. Laid the groundwork for US industrial power. Jefferson, a critic of an industrial America, ironically contributed to Hamilton’s view of the US!!! 5. Br. Instigation of Indians 5. British General Brock Meets with Tecumseh Battle of Tippecanoe, 1811 Q General William Henry Harrison governor of the Indiana Territory. Q Invited Native Indian chiefs to Ft. Wayne, IN to sign away 3 mil. acres of land to the US government. Q Tecumseh organized a confederacy of Indian tribes to fight for their homelands. Q Tecumseh’s brother fought against Harrison and was defeated at Tippecanoe. Q This made Harrison a national hero! [1840 election Tippecanoe & Tyler, too!] “War Hawks” John C. Calhoun [SC] Henry Clay [KY] Presidential Election of 1812 Presidential “Mr. Madison’s War!” American Problems American Q The US was unprepared militarily: Had a 12­ship navy vs. Britain’s 800 ships. Americans disliked a draft preferred to enlist in the disorganized state militias. Q Financially unprepared: Flood of paper $. Revenue from import tariffs declined. Q Regional disagreements. Overview Overview of the War of 1812 3 U. S. Invasions of 1812 U. Campaigns of 1813 Campaigns Battle of Fort McHenry, Battle 1814 Oh Say Can You See By the Dawn’s Early Light… -- Francis Scott Key Francis Gave proof through the night, Gave That our flag was still there.. Attack on Ft. Oswego, 1814 Attack Hartford Convention Hartford December, 1814 – January, 1815 Treaty of Ghent Treaty December 24, 1814 The Battle of New Orleans, 1815 The The Battle of New Orleans, 1815 The Jackson’s Florida Campaigns Jackson’s ...
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