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Louisiana Purchase

Louisiana purchase

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Unformatted text preview: The Louisiana Purchase The Louisiana Purchase In 1803 President Jefferson sent James Monroe to Paris to negotiate with Napoleon (French ruler) for the Louisiana territory For $15 million the U.S. purchased the territory, about 4 cents/acre Largest land deal in history! Toussaint-Louverture A former slave in Haiti and the grandson of an African chief France lost control of Haiti in 1791 when Louverture and other African slaves revolted Today Haiti is 90% African descent Lewis and Clark Jefferson assigned two skilled frontiersmen, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark the task of mapping the Louisiana Territory Lewis & Clark traveled with a crew of 45 explorers and kept detailed journals Sacagawea Wife of a FrenchCanadian fur trader Hired by Lewis & Clark as guides and interpreters She showed explorers where to fish, to hunt, and to find wild vegetables She also helped trade supplies with American Indians Homework due Friday Read ch. 6, sn. 3 (204-209) Questions 2 & 4c on page 209...
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