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convention - The Constitutional Convention The Copy the...

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Unformatted text preview: The Constitutional Convention The Copy the following notes. Copy The Constitutional Convention begins Convention 1787 - Philadelphia Delegates from all the Delegates states invited to a convention to improve the Articles of Confederation, which were not working were Only RI didn’t attend 55 Delegates 55 attended attended Leaders of the Convention Leaders George Washington was asked to George preside (lead) over the convention. preside James Madison kept notes of the James discussions and is often called “The Father of the Constitution.” Father The men who wrote the Constitution are The called the “Founding Fathers.” called All the participants in the Convention All were wealthy, white, males. The Founding Fathers The Issues that divided the Nation’s leaders Nation’s The power of the federal government. Would the The states or the federal government have the most power? power? Representation in Congress (How many Representation members on Congress would each state get? – small states wanted equal representation, large states wanted it to be determined by population of the states of Slavery – How would slaves be counted? Would Slavery the slave trade continue? the The Virginia Plan Called for a new national government. Threw Called out the Articles of Confederation out Three separate branches of government. – Three a legislative branch, executive branch, and judicial branch judicial Representation in the legislative branch based Representation on population of state on Large states like the plan, small states don’t. New Jersey Plan New Legislature - has one house. Each state gets one vote. Each Small states like the plan, the large states Small hate it. hate There would have to be a compromise. The Great Compromise The Legislature would have two houses Legislature (parts): House of Representatives and a Senate Senate House - based on the population of state Senate - two senators per each state Slavery Slavery The Southern states refused to approve The the Constitution unless slavery continued. It was a terrible compromise to make, but It the Northern states had no choice if they wanted a Constitution. 3/5 Compromise - Made each slave worth 3/5 3/5 of a vote in deciding numbers in House of Representatives House Congress can not ban the slave trade Congress until 1808. until ...
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