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A World Turned Upside Down Day 1

A World Turned Upside Down Day 1 - The American Revolution...

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Unformatted text preview: The American Revolution Revolution Sizing Up The Armies The Strategy of War “A World Turned Upside Down” American Strengths and Weaknesses Weaknesses The colonists are The fighting for independence independence George Washington George can inspire his men to fight to France will aide the France colonies with weapons, supplies and their navy and Patriots and Loyalists Patriots Patriots were colonists Patriots who supported the break from England. break Loyalists are colonials Loyalists support the England. support Colonists are divided Colonists as to whether or not they should rebel against England! against American Strengths and Weaknesses Weaknesses The colonists are The not a trained army not Colonists enlist Colonists for months instead of years instead Short on money, Short weapons and supplies to fight a war war British Strengths and Weaknesses Weaknesses The British have an The experienced professional army professional Outnumber the Outnumber Continental Army The British army is The well supplied with equipment and weapons weapons British Strengths and Weaknesses Weaknesses The British are not fighting for a cause British officers are careless and poor British leaders leaders The British have a to cross the Atlantic The Ocean to send men and supplies for the war war The support at homes is rather weak The Strategy of War The American Colonies Keep the Colonial Keep Army together Army Washington seeks to Washington stretch the British army away from supply lines supply Harass the enemy, Harass defeat the British in a major battle major Get allies to help win! Britain Seeks to destroy the Seeks Colonial Army Colonial Regain control of the Regain colonies by region colonies Take the fight to the Take Colonial Army using European war tactics European Use loyalists support Use against the colonies against The Strategy of War The Lexington and Concord, April 1777 Lexington British attempt to capture Samuel Adams British and weapons stockpile around Concord and The colonists are warned by Paul Revere The and 40 other riders that “British are coming” coming” 4,000 colonial “militia men” exchange fire 4,000 with British troops along the main road with This battle is considered the beginning of This the American Revolution A personal view of the American Revolution Revolution “ The men that was wounded in the thigh or leg, they dashed out their brains with their muskets and run them through with their bayonets, made them like sieves. This was barbarity to the utmost.” was Sergeant New Jersey Regiment, 1778 Sergeant ...
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