A World Turned Upside Down Day 2

A World Turned Upside Down Day 2 - The American Revolution...

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Unformatted text preview: The American Revolution Revolution Sizing Up The Armies The Strategy of War “A World Turned Upside Down” The Battle of Bunker Hill June 16,1775 June Fought outside Fought Boston. It is a fortified area on Breed’s Hill filled with several thousand colonists. thousand The battle shows that The the colonists will fight if protected from British fire. from The Battle of Saratoga, AugustOctober 1777 October The British are harassed The by colonial guerilla forces and end up stretching their supply lines. their The British will surrender The to the Colonial forces led by General Horatio Gates Gates Saratoga is important Saratoga because it is a major defeat for the British and shows the French that the colonies may be able to win the war to The Battle of Saratoga, AugustOctober 1777 October Saratoga is Saratoga considered the turning point of the war. The French will begin to supply arms, men and their navy to help the colonies. colonies. A personal view of the American Revolution Revolution “The ball first cut off the head of Smith, a The stout heavy man, and dashed it open, then took Taylor across the bowels; it then struck Sergeant Garret of our company on the hip, took off the point of the hip bone . Oh, What a sight it was to see within a distance of six rods those men with their legs and arms and guns and packs all in a heap!” guns Connecticut Soldier, 1777 The Battle of Yorktown, October 1781 The The French are helping the Continental The Army with men, weapons and warships Army The Americans and the French will The corner the British on a small peninsula and bombard them with cannon fire. and The British will surrender and end the The American Revolution. American The colonists will win the American The Revolution with this victory. Revolution The Battle of Yorktown, October 1781 The The Treaty of Paris, 1783 The THE WAR ENDS WITH THESE THE CONDITIONS CONDITIONS “free, sovereign and independent states” British must remove all troops from forts British Boundary for United States is the Mississippi Loyalist would have rights and property Loyalist protected protected captured slaves must be returned to owners ...
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