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The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening - Sermons of Raw Emotion The Great...

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Unformatted text preview: Sermons of Raw Emotion: The Great Awakening The Reasons for The Great Awakening Sermons of Raw Emotion The Out Comes of The Awakening The Great Awakening 1730-1740 gave colonists a shared national religious experience experience Reasons for The Great Awakening Awakening People felt that religion was People dry, dull and distant dry, Preachers felt that people Preachers needed to be concerned with inner emotions as opposed to outward religious behavior religious People in New England can People read and interrupt the Bible on their own on George Whitefield George Puritan Minster who Puritan used raw emotional sermons to reach all classes of colonists classes Preached that “good Preached works” and “godly lives” would bring you salvation salvation Forced to give sermons Forced in open areas (revivals) in Jonathan Edwards a Puritan Minster terrified listeners with his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” Hands Outcomes of the Great Awakening Awakening Birth of deep religious Birth convictions in the colonies colonies New churches built to New accommodate new members members Colleges founded Colleges found to train new ministers ministers Outcomes of the Great Awakening Awakening Encouraged ideas of Encouraged equality and right to challenge authority challenge Birth of charity and Birth charitable organizations organizations The Enlightenment The A movement in the movement 1700’s that rejected traditional ways of life and looked for a more rational and scientific way to explain the world we live in we It was an emphasis on It the sciences and reason to explain things to Enlightenment Arguments Enlightenment Generally we are good Generally and it our environment that influences us that The use of science and The reason could answer life’s mysteries mysteries Science and reason could Science also answer man’s questions concerning government and himself government Outcomes of the Enlightenment Enlightenment Great surge of literacy Great in the colonies in Newspapers and book Newspapers publications increase Schools are Schools synonymous with new towns and villages towns Deism, God is the great clock maker great Outcomes of the Enlightenment Enlightenment People are born with People natural rights natural Government has an Government obligation to protect those natural rights those Kings have no right to Kings govern people, people empower government government ...
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