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Middle colonies 2 - Middle Colonies By: Zac, Mark, Taylor,...

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Unformatted text preview: Middle Colonies By: Zac, Mark, Taylor, Danny, Eric, Rachel,Tina,and Ashli Rachel,Tina,and Founders Founders • • • • James the Duke of York George Carteret John Berkeley William Penn States Today States • • • • Philadelphia/Pennsylvania Delaware New Jersey New York Important Facts Important The middle colonies were the biggest traders The because it had big ports and lots of rich rolling farmland. farmland. Berkeley and Carteret had east and west Jersey Berkeley but in 1702 they formed to make New Jersey. but William Penn got more land from the Duke of William York which formed Delaware. The climate also made the middle colony a good The framing land. framing The colonist hunted and trapped deer and The beaver. beaver. Christianity Christianity Religious Diversity in the Middle Colonies 1750 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Presbyterian Lutheran Quakers Anglican Baptist Catholic Congregational Map of the Middle Colonies Map Life in the Middle Colonies Life Life in the middle colonies had Life a...diverse in their population because they their proprietors believed in religious tolerance. The climate and soil of the Middle Colonies were excellent for farming. excellent About the Middle Colonies About The Middle Colonies were a place The where people from many different countries could live together and earn a good living. Most colonists were farmers, but New York and Philadelphia were busy centers of shipping and trade. shipping Bibliography 1.http://Historysage.com 2.http://www.upei.com 3.http://www.runet.com 4.http://www.wikipedia.org 5.Scott Foresman Social Studies book The End The That concludes our Power point That presentation about the middle colonies. presentation THANK YOU!!! :) ...
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