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Unformatted text preview: Blackbeard – King of all Pirates Blackbeard Intensive Reading Program Level 3 Student: Lu­Wei Vincent Chen Instructor: Faith A. Vietti March, 29, 2005 Contents Contents • Blackbeard’s • • • • • Background. How did he become a pirate. What have he done and why people are scared of him. Return from sea and hosted a party in 1718 Last Fight. How he died. Personal Background Personal Background • • • Blackbeard was British Born before 1690 Real name was thought to be Edward Teach How did he become a pirate How • Served on a British • • • Privateer An experienced sea robber. Queen Anne allowed him to keep stolen goods from French and Spanish. Join a group of fierce Caribbean pirates What have he done and why people are scared of Blackbeard. scared • Terrorized sailors on the Atlantic Ocean and • • • • • Caribbean Sea from 1716­1718 Reputation and power. His appearance. Took over a larger cargo ship with wealthy passengers, including children. Threatened townspeople in Charlenton. Set his base in North Carolina, British colony. Return from sea and hosted a party. party. • • • 1718 return from sea. Hosted a huge party. Governor of Virginia decided to stop him. Last Fight… Last • Governor sent 2 sloops commanded by Lieutenant Robert Maynard • Blackbeard was trapped. How Blackbeard died…… How Blackbeard died…… • A navy seaman • slashed his throat. Died in 1718… ...
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