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Augustine florida jacques cartier near quebec canada

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Unformatted text preview: stine, Florida), Jacques Cartier (near Quebec, Canada), and Christopher Newport (Jamestown, Virginia) and NORTH AMERICA EUROPE ASIA ASIA AFRICA SOUTH AMERICA AMERICA AUSTRALIA ANTARCTICA Atl an t ic Oc ea n Arctic Ocean Indian Ocean Pacific Ocean Number your paper from 1 to 11. Match the name of the ocean or continent with the number and write it on your paper. Use the word bank below. 11 Word Bank 3 Africa Antarctica Arctic Ocean Asia Atlantic Ocean Australia Europe Indian Ocean North America Pacific Ocean South America 4 1 8 5 9 2 10 6 7 We live on the continent of North America. We Can you name the countries on our continent? continent? North America America Canada nt ic At la o xic Me P i cif a n ea Oc c O ce an United States England England England France France y ally IItta Ita ly Spain Spain Wh dt aile os e in blu ean oc he 92? 14 In 1492, Christopher Columbus set sa...
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