explorers - BigTe Explo rs n re Columbus Sailed west to...

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Unformatted text preview: BigTe Explo rs n re Columbus Sailed west to Indies Landed on the Landed Bahamas Bahamas Sailed for Spain (King Sailed Ferdinand and Queen Isabella Isabella Magellan Searched for passage Searched to Pacific Ocean to Sailed through “straits Sailed of Magellan” of Died in Philippines Crew lst to Crew circumnavigate the world world Cabot Sailed for England Landed on coast of Landed New-foundland New-foundland Gave England claim to Gave North America North Ponce de Leon 1st to land on the mainland of North America America Looking for “fountain Looking of youth” of Established St. Established Augustine, Florida Augustine, De Soto Sailed for Spain Explored Mississippi Explored River – Present-day Oklahoma Oklahoma Coronado Looking for fabled Looking seven cities of gold seven Explored present-day Explored Arizona and New Mexico Mexico Cortes Spanish Conquistador Conquered Aztec Conquered emperor Montezuma emperor Balboa Spanish Explorer Claimed Pacific Ocean Claimed and adjoining lands for Spain Spain Pizzaro Conquered the Inca Conquered Empire Empire Vespucci Amerigo Vespucci America was named America after him after Columbian Exchange From America – Corn Potatoes Beans Chocolate Buffalo Beaver Parrots From Europe Oranges Onion Sheep Horses Cattle Honeybees Pigs Chickens Diseases Small Pox Influenza Measles ...
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