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Unformatted text preview: 08 deaths total, 67 on reservation – Highest tribes: Navajo, 25; White Mountain Apache 11; Tohono O’dham, 8; Pascua Yaqui & San Carlos Apache both with 4. – Off reservation death total, 41, with largest % in Maricopa County (25), Pima County (4), elsewhere in AZ (12) Infant Mortality Infant Mortality Infant mortality, 9.6 in 2000 to 8.3 in 2005. Mining & Disease Mining & Disease Uranium mines, both operational & abandoned, are blamed for cancer rates at the Four Corners, which are among the highest in the nation. During the cold war, contaminated & radioactive materials such as crushed rock washed down from the mines eventually became building materials for hogans & other homes. Lung cancer, cervical cancer & congestive heart failure are among the top diseases here. CULTURE & LANGUAGE 250 est languages now Native Speakers Native Speakers Navajo Iroquois Inuit Tohono O’odham Pima Apache Lakota Tribal Museums (250) Tribal Museums (250) Colorado River Indian Tribes Hopi Cocopah Tribe Ak­Chin Gila River Havasupai Navajo Yuma­Quechan Salt River­Pima­Maricopa White Mountain Apache GOVERNMENT & LEADERSHIP Tribal Sovereignty Tribal Sovereignty 16 Tribal Courts 16 Tribal Courts Hopi Navajo Gila River Havasupai Hualapai Kaibab­Paiute White Mt. Apache Yavapai­Apache Ak­Chin Colorado River Ft. McDowell Yavapai Ft. Mohave Pascua Yaqui San Carlos Apache Tohono O’odham Zuni Navajo Office in Washington Navajo Office in Washington Since August 1984 our office has served as an extension of the Navajo Nation Government to represent our concerns to the Federal Government and Agencies in Washington, D.C. As a division within the Executive Branch of the Navajo Nation Government, the employees of the NNWO are dedicated to enhancing the Navajo Nation at the Federal level. Navajo Times Navajo Times In 1961 The Navajo Times started as an education newsletter & became a weekly two years later. The paper lost almost $1 million after change from a weekly to a daily in 1984 & now it is an independently owned newspaper. Hopi Tribe 3 Depts. Hopi Tribe 3 Depts. Human Services (8) Natural Resources (7) Administration and Technical Services (9) Hopi Tribe Newspaper 11 Tribal Leaders 11 Tribal Leaders 11 have several to 12 yrs of admin exp 6 have some college education 3 hold master’s degree 1 is a native speaker 2 have military experience 1 has several yrs of business exp 2 have previous work in health field Profile of Tribal Leadership Profile...
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