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Unformatted text preview: “ARIZONA INDIANS AT 100 YEARS OF PROGRESS AND THE FUTURE” Donald Fixico Black Canyon Conference Center March 5, 2007 Thanks to: Thanks to: Sarah Weber Noel Stowe Gladys Ann Wells Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records Indian Country Indian Country Bureau of Indian Affairs Bureau of Indian Affairs Interior Dept is responsible for administration of 55.7 million acres of land held in trust with American Indians, tribes, & Alaska Natives. 562 federally recognized tribes with over 200 of these groups in Alaska. Govt oversees tribal forest land, leased lands, agricultural programs, water & land rights, & the economic development of native groups. Also, the federal govt provides educational services to 48,000 American Indian students. Population of Arizona Indians Population of Arizona Indians 22 tribes in Arizona with an est pop of 275,321 American Indians/ Alaska Natives of a total 5,829,839 residents in the state. This is 4.7% of the state pop, compared with a national avg of 0.8 percent. Ariz tribes have 28% of the land. Tribes of Arizona (22) Tribes of Arizona (22) Ak­Chin Indian Community Delia Carlyle, Chairwoman Navajo Nation Joe Shirley, Jr., President Cocopah Tribe Sherry Cordova, Chairperson Pascua Yaqui Tribe Herminia Frias, Chairperson Colorado River Indian Tribes Daniel Eddy, Jr., Chairman Salt River Pima­ Maricopa Indian Community Joni Ramos, President Tohono O'Odham Nation Vivian Juan­Saunders, Chairperson Gila River Indian Community William Rhodes, Governor Tonto Apache Tribe Ivan Smith, Chairman Havasupai Tribe Thomas Siyuja, Sr., Chairman White Mountain Apache Tribe Ronnie Lupe, Chairman The Hopi Tribe Ivan L. Sidney, Chairman Yavapai­Apache Nation Jamie Fullmer, Chairman Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation Raphael Bear, President San Carlos Apache Tribe Kathy Kitcheyan, Chairperson Fort Mojave Indian Tribe Nora McDowell, Chairperson San Juan Southern Paiute Evelyn James., President Zuni Tribe Arlen P. Quetawki, G...
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