The Midwest Indians

The Midwest Indians - By Albert Ben Kevin Morgan By Albert...

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Unformatted text preview: By Albert, Ben, Kevin, Morgan, By Albert, Ben, Kevin, Morgan, and Nina Food Food The Sioux Indians ate buffalo meat, rabbits, and other animals. The Kickapoo Indians hunted deer, buffalo, and other animals. Where They Lived Where Today, about half of all Today, Sioux live on northern plains reservations. The other half live in The urban areas throughout the United States. the The Kickapoo Indians The lived in the Midwest region in the Great Lakes State (before Europeans arrived) of the United States. the They separated to They Oklahoma, Southern Texas, and northern Mexico. Mexico. Fast Facts Fast Facts • The Sioux were famous for their bravery, fighting skills, and political skills. • On June 17, 1876, a force of Sioux surprised Brigadier General George Crook’s troops. They were all defeated and therefore it was Custer’s Last Stand. Fast Facts Fast Facts The Kickapoo fiercely opposed to sharing their lands with white settlers The Kickapoo fought colonists during the Revolutionary War in 1975­1983 End Credits Slide 1 by Kevin Slide 2 by Ben and Nina Slide 3 by Kevin and Morgan Slide 4 by Kevin Slide 5 by Morgan Slide 6 by Kevin End Credits (continued) End Designer Albert and Kevin Typed by Kevin ...
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