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iroquois - Iroquois Indian Tribe Iroquois Region Artifacts...

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Unformatted text preview: Iroquois Indian Tribe Iroquois Region Artifacts Weapons Clothing Food Shelter Artifacts of the Iroquois Tribe Tribe Archeologists found stone net Archeologists sinkers, bone harpoons, awls and a pin, and a perforated elk tooth that the archeologists believed to belong to the Iroquois. to a Masks were used in special Iroquois Masks ceremonies such as the harvest. Masks were made of corn husks and horse hair. horse a Wampam was an important part of Wampam Iroquois culture. Not only was the wampam used as belts made of beads and shells but wampam was also used as money. Wampam was also used to comfort people after the death of a loved one. death a Some other tools that the Iroquois Some tribe used were the water basket, copper knives, war clubs, basket hats, salmon spears, spoons, and a yea bow. a a The Iroquois tribe made many The baskets for carrying supplies and cooking food. Since they didn’t want to burn the baskets, they put rocks and heated them, and put the basket over the rocks. over Deadly Weapons Deadly The Iroquois used bone or rock The harpoons to capture most of their food. It took a long time to make these weapons by hand. these a They used a salmon spear to catch They salmon or other fish. This spear was made out of wood for the stick, and bone or rock for the point. bone a They also used copper knives to skin They animals. These knives were made out of copper. out a Their main weapon for capturing Their animals were arrows. The stick was made out of wood and the point out of bone or rock.Much like the salmon spear except smaller. spear a Something that they used while in Something battle was the war club. This club was made out of wood and was very heavy. heavy. a Iroquois Clothing Clothing Clothing Clothing The Iroquois tribe wore a belt called The the wampum every wampum belt was different. was a The Iroquois made polished beads The out of shells. A small slender drill was used to make holes. a They also wore beaver,deer,wolf,and They hawks skin. a In cold months, men wore a shirt of In tanned deerskin, leggings and a loin cloth. a The loin cloth was made of a long The piece of deer skin worn between the legs and folded over a belt so it will hang down at the front and back. hang a They also traded there wampum They belts with the Europeans for different kinds of clothing. kinds a The Iroquois Food The What they ate and how they got What it. it. Fabulous Food Fabulous The Iroquois ate The fruits,nuts,berries,wild rice,crops,squash,corn,and weeds. rice,crops,squash,corn,and a They also ate animals like a turtle, They clan bear, wolf, beaver, deer and hawk. hawk. a The Iroquois got their food by The hunting the forest. hunting a The Iroquois grow crops in the field. a a They used the animals fur for coats. The Iroquois The Shelter What The Iroquois lived In What The Iroquois lived in what is called a The long house. long a The long house was made of poles The and sheets of bark. and a It looks like a cloth tarp it can be up It to two hundred feet long. to a The women were in charge of the The long house. long a The women also owned everything The provided in the long house. provided a There was a storage area at the top There were everything was provided. were a They can be more then one family They living in the long house. living a Where they lived The Iroquois lived in the eastern The region. region. a The Iroquois lived in what is now The known as the state of New York. known a The names of the tribes were The Mohawk,Onieda,Onadaga,Cayyga,an Mohawk,Onieda,Onadaga,Cayyga,an d Seneca. a The Iroquois home land was The connected by well used trails. connected a The Hedenosaune Trail ran 250 The miles through the main village. miles a ...
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