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Unformatted text preview: Eastern Woodlands Native American Tribes CHEROKEE IROQUIS Created By: Taylor Ingram Kody Satterfield Aaliyah Ware Kyshawn Ware People: Native Americans People: Native Americans Iroquis The people were fighters. They had “Little Wars.” Cherokee Cherokee Houses Houses CHEROKEE: Winter and CHEROKEE: Summer House Summer The Cherokee live in towns of The 30 to 60 familys. 30 I n the center of the towns In they built a seven side council house. council IROQUIS: Longhouse I n there long house they In had council meeting. had Foods Foods Cherokee Iroquis M en hunted deer with Men They ate corn, beans, They bows and arrows. They used spears to catch fish. fish. and squash. and Land Land Cherokee and Iroquis lived on Cherokee FLAT GRASSLAND FLAT Interesting Facts Interesting Facts They wore false mask. When they wore false mask they had turtle When rattles. rattles. Games Games CHEROKEE men CHEROKEE played a game called stickball to help them stay fit and healthy. stay Famous Recipes Famous Recipes Cherokee Fried Hominy Ingredients Ingredients A few pieces of Onion if few desired One or two Cans of White One Hominy Several Strips of Bacon Several (as much as you want ) Black Pepper to taste Black Indian Cake Indian Ingredients Ingredients 1/2 cups rasins 1/2 4 cups precooked blue corn cups meal 1 cup sprouted wheat cup 2 cups precooked yellow cups corn meal 6 cups water cups 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/2 Thank You Thank You We like this region because we got to learn about We two different cultures. two Taylor, Kody, Aaliyah, & Kyshawn ...
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