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Unformatted text preview: Boa 掌掌掌掌 Boa 掌掌掌掌 1 ..... 掌掌 boa 掌掌掌 web 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 www.chinaEDA.cn 2 ..... 掌掌掌 掌掌掌 PC 掌 1掌 掌掌掌 掌掌掌 RedHat Linux 9.0 掌掌掌掌 RedHat 掌掌掌 Linux 掌掌掌掌 掌掌掌 boa­0.94.13.tar.gz 掌掌掌 www.chinaEDA.cn 3 ..... 掌掌掌掌掌 boa 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 www.chinaEDA.cn 4 ....... 掌掌 boa 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 boa 掌掌 www.boa.org掌 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 www.chinaEDA.cn 6 ..... 掌 1 掌掌掌掌掌掌 掌 boa 掌掌 http://www.boa.org 掌掌 boa­0.94.13.tar.gz 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 boa­0.94.13.tar.gz 掌掌掌掌 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 $ tar xzvf boa­0.94­13.tar.gz 掌 2 掌掌掌掌掌掌 掌掌 src 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 掌掌 掌掌掌 src 掌掌掌掌 Makefile.in 掌掌掌掌掌掌 Makefile 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 掌掌掌 Makefile 掌掌掌掌 src 掌掌掌掌掌 configure 掌掌掌掌掌 $ ./configure www.chinaEDA.cn 6 ..... 掌掌掌 Makefile 掌掌掌掌掌 X86 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 ARM 掌掌掌掌 boa 掌掌掌掌 • 掌掌掌 掌 Makefile 掌掌掌 掌 Makefile 掌 31~32 掌掌掌掌 CC = gcc CPP = gcc –E 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 CC = arm­linux­gcc CPP = arm­linux­gcc –E 掌掌掌掌 make 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 src 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 boa 掌掌掌 • 掌掌掌掌 $ make www.chinaEDA.cn 6 ..... 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌“ icky Linux kernel bug!” 掌掌 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌“ 掌掌掌掌 src 掌 boa.c 掌掌 226 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 225 if(setuid(0) != ­1) { 226 // DIE(“icky Linux kernel bug!”); 227 } 掌 3 掌掌掌 boa 掌掌掌 掌掌掌掌掌 boa 掌掌掌掌 boa 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 boa.conf 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 掌掌掌掌掌 src/defines.h 掌掌掌 SERVER_ROOT 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 boa 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌“ ­c” 掌掌掌 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 /etc/boa/ www.chinaEDA.cn 6 ..... 掌 4 掌掌掌 boa 掌掌掌 掌 PC 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 IP 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 www.chinaEDA.cn 7 ... 掌掌 / 掌掌 boa 掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌掌 www.chinaEDA.cn ...
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