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Stress Managment Quiz 6 pg 3

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INTERPRETATION OF SCORES This is a scale that measures the degree to which you have stressful feelings. The maximum score obtainable of 3 indicates you frequently have feelings associated with stress, a score of 2 indicates you have feelings associated with stress only occasionally, and a score of 1 indicates you rarely have feelings typically associated with stress. Any score above 2 means you experience stressful feelings frequently enough to begin a conscientious program of stress management. By this point, you know that these stressful feelings have the potential to make you ill, but they needn't do so. You can employ relaxation techniques or the other stress management strategies described in this workbook and prevent these potential negative outcomes. For example, rather than view oral presentations as threats, you can employ selective awareness, described in Section I, and consider presentations an opportunity to have people listen to your opinions. Rather than feel overwhelmed with your work, you could use the time management technique of delegating tasks to
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