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2. Signs and symptoms of anxiety disorder. 3. Treatments and medications prescribed for anxiety disorder. Scale 6.4: Are You Experiencing Excessive Anxiety or Depression? There was a time when I was so anxious about giving speeches that I wound up sick to my stomach on the side of a road as I traveled to conduct a workshop. Barbra Streisand, in spite of a singing voice that thrilled millions, was so besieged by anxiety that she stopped performing live for over a decade; as did the singer Carly Simon. The great professional basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar also experienced anxiety and vomited often before games. The homeless advocate Mitch Snyder received
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Unformatted text preview: the adulation of the country and a movie was even made about his life. Yet, Snyder was so depressed that he took his own life. As did President Clinton's friend and White House attorney. Whether rich or poor, famous or anonymous, talented or not, anxiety and depression have the potential to affect us all. The following Personal Feelings Inventory helps you see how stress may be manifested in anxious and/or depressed feelings. Please answer these items as they pertain to you now, True or False. 74 gre06755_ch06.qxd 4/8/05 4:01 PM Page 74...
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