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TRUE FALSE 1. I have less interest than usual in things. 2. I have difficulty concentrating. 3. I am often sad or depressed. 4. I have been uneasy or anxious in the past month. 5. I feel depressed most of the time. 6. I have trouble giving attention to ordinary routine. 7. I have tried to avoid one or more situations in the past month. 8. I have felt life wasn't worth living. 9. I tremble; my hands are shaky; I feel weak at the knees. 10. I have difficulty coming to a conclusion or decision. 11. I feel overwhelmed with life. 12. My thoughts dwell on a few troubles. 13. My hands are sweating and clammy. 14. I have kept up very few interests. 15. Little if anything interests me. 16. I feel hot and cold, and blush or get pale readily. 17. I spend less time at usual recreational activities. 18. I have butterflies or a sinking feeling in my stomach. 19. I feel miserable or unhappy. 20. I can't concentrate when reading. 21.
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