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and higher indicate you experience high levels of depression. Again, the higher the score, the more of these feelings you experience. Both anxiety and clinical depression have a physiological basis. They also have a psychosocial component. For example, although panic attacks may be a function of hormonal imbalance, anxiety also can occur only in social situations or when having to perform (such as when required to give a speech before your classmates). Likewise with depression. Although hormonal imbalances may be the cause of clinical depression, all of us feel “depressed” or sad on occasion. If either anxiety or depression is a problem for you, consult with your physician to rule out physiological causes. These can be serious conditions. Once physiological causes have been ruled out, you might consider meeting with a counselor at your campus health center. Do not treat these conditions lightly. People have been so affected by them that they have attempted to end their lives. Help is available for whatever the cause is of these conditions. There are medications to correct
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