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Stress Managment Quiz 6 pg 22

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Now that you have your fear hierarchy, imagine doing the first step. If you can do that without feeling panic or physiological arousal, reward yourself by focusing on a relaxing image or revisiting in your mind a day that you really enjoyed. Then, move on to the next step on the fear hierarchy. In this way, you will be approaching the panic-provoking event a little at a time, in small steps, so eventually the situation does not produce anxiety or panic. Scale 6.6: Do You Experience Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? Do you feel trapped in a pattern of unwanted and upsetting thoughts? Do you feel you have to do certain things over and over again for no good reason? Put a check alongside any of the problems you have experienced. I have upsetting thoughts or images that enter my mind again and again. I feel I can't stop these thoughts or images, even though I want to. I have a hard time stopping myself from doing things again and again, like counting,
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