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4. What effect does your fear of a reoccurrence of the event have on the quality of your life? 5. Who can you speak with to share your fears and concerns? Scale 6.8: Do You Have Social Phobia? Do you feel afraid and uncomfortable when you are around other people? Is it hard for you to be at work or school? Put a check alongside any of the problems you have experienced. I have an intense fear that I will do or say something and embarrass myself in front of other people. I am always afraid of making a mistake and being watched and judged by other people. My fear of embarrassment makes me avoid doing things I want to do or speaking to people. I worry for days or weeks before I meet new people.
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Unformatted text preview: I blush, sweat a lot, tremble, or feel like I have to throw up before and during an event where I am with new people. I usually stay away from social situations such as school events and making speeches. I often drink to try to make these fears go away. SCORING* If you placed a check mark alongside any of these problems, you may have social phobia. The more check marks you placed, the more likely it is that social phobia is a problem for you. * Source: National Institute of Mental Health. 2000. 83 gre06755_ch06.qxd 5/27/05 11:47 AM Page 83...
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