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Section VII Emotional Arousal Interventions: Relaxation Training I was recently asked by an advertising and marketing professional association to conduct a stress management workshop for its members. Having conducted numerous stress management workshops, I can usually guess what the group is interested in and the needs they will express. However, this workshop was different. Someone once said to expect the unexpected, and from now on I will. The workshop was proceeding as planned. I discussed the nature of stress, its effects, and how to manage it. Nearing the end of the time I had with the group of approximately 100 advertisers and marketers, I asked if there were any questions. From the rear of the room a woman raised her hand, waving it to make sure she was noticed. “What do you do about the death of your child?” she asked. Now, had this been asked privately after the workshop, I would not have been surprised. These are the kinds of questions people often come up to ask me after a presentation. But, when it was
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