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Stress Managment Quiz 7 pg 4

Stress Managment Quiz 7 pg 4 - have sufficient knowledge of...

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17. Instant calming sequence was developed by: A. Edmund Jacobson. B. Johannes Schultz. C. Robert Cooper. D. Charles Stroebel. 18. For biofeedback to be useful, the feedback must be: 19. For autogenic training to be successful in relaxing a person, that person must be: 20. The goal of relaxation techniques is to bring about: SCORING Assign yourself one point for each of the following correct responses: 1. B 6. B 11. D 16. D 2. B 7. D 12. A 17. C 3. C 8. A 13. A 18. C 4. C 9. A 14. B 19. A 5. C 10. D 15. A 20. D INTERPRETATION OF SCORES The highest obtainable score is 20 and the lowest is zero. If you scored higher than 13, you probably
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Unformatted text preview: have sufficient knowledge of relaxation techniques to decide which method can be most effective in relaxing you. If you scored lower than 13, you need to learn more about the various means of relaxing before deciding which relaxation technique is most likely to be effective for you. The information on the following pages briefly describes several relaxation techniques. To learn more about a particular method of achieving relaxation, either consult with your instructor and/or read one of the books or listen to the tapes referred to in Section II. 89 gre06755_ch07.qxd 4/8/05 4:13 PM Page 89...
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