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3. Tell yourself, “I can keep a calm body in an alert mind.” 4. Inhale a quiet, easy breath. 5. Let your jaw go loose as you exhale, keeping your lower and upper teeth slightly apart. 6. Imagine heaviness and warmth moving throughout your body, from head to toe. Instant Calming Sequence Another relaxation technique said to take just seconds to elicit the relaxation response is the instant calming sequence. Its five steps include Step 1: Uninterrupted breathing. In the face of the stressor, keep breathing smoothly, deeply, and evenly. Step 2: Positive face. Flash a slight smile as soon as you recognize you are being stressed. Step 3: Balanced posture. Keep your chest high, your head up, neck long, chin in, and in other ways balanced. Imagine being lifted from a hook at the top of your head. ACTIVITY: YOU, THE TEACHER One of the best ways to learn something is to have to teach it to someone else. Being concerned that you will appear knowledgeable, having researched the topic thereby acquiring a good deal of
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