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This scale evaluates specific relaxation techniques and their effectiveness for you. Identify some way that you usually try to relax. That may be reading, exercising, watching television, or any one of a number of other ways that people try to relax. Next, read each item and apply it to that particular means of relaxation. Decide the extent to which that statement applies to that relaxation technique. Then circle the appropriate letter to the right of the statement. Use the following scale: VT ± Very True ST ± Somewhat True NS ± Not Sure SU ± Somewhat Untrue VU ± Very Untrue 1. It feels good. VT ST NS SU VU 2. It is easy to fit into my schedule. VT ST NS SU VU 3. It makes me feel relaxed. VT ST NS SU VU 4. It helps me to handle my daily chores better than I usually do. VT ST NS SU VU 5. It is an easy technique to learn. VT ST NS SU VU 6. I am able to close out my surroundings while
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Unformatted text preview: practicing this technique. VT ST NS SU VU 7. I do not feel tired after practicing this technique. VT ST NS SU VU 8. My fingers and toes feel warmer directly after trying this relaxation technique. VT ST NS SU VU 9. Any stress symptoms I have (headache, tense muscles, anxiety) before doing this relaxation technique disappear by the time I am done. VT ST NS SU VU 10. Each time I conclude this technique, my pulse rate is significantly lower than when I began. VT ST NS SU VU SCORING* Assign the following point values for each response: VT ± 1 ST ± 2 NS ± 3 SU ± 4 VU ± 5 Add up the total points and divide by 10. * Source: Jerrold S. Greenberg. Comprehensive Stress Management. 9th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2006. 94 gre06755_ch07.qxd 4/8/05 4:13 PM Page 94...
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