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Stress Managment Quiz 7 pg 10

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INTERPRETATION OF SCORES This scale measures how effective a particular relaxation technique is in relaxing you. The maximum score obtainable is 5, the minimum score obtainable is 1. A score of 2.5 or higher indicates you believe this relaxation technique is ineffective, whereas a score below 2.5 means you believe this is an effective relaxation technique for you. Some people prefer a method of relaxing that relaxes the mind, with the body naturally following. Meditation is such a method. Others prefer to relax the body, with the mind naturally following. Progressive relaxation is this kind of a method. Still others prefer to engage in activities to relax both the mind and the body. Autogenics accomplishes this by first relaxing the body with feelings of heaviness, warmth, and a tingly sensation in the arms and legs. Then, it incorporates thoughts of a relaxing scene that calms the mind. The activity below will help you determine which of these approaches to relaxation you most prefer.
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