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96 IM MT AT PR 1. It feels good. 2. It is easy to fit into my schedule. 3. It makes me feel relaxed. 4. It helps me handle my daily chores better than I usually do. 5. It is an easy technique to learn. 6. I am able to close out my surroundings while practicing this technique. 7. I do not feel tired after practicing this technique. 8. My fingers and toes feel warmer directly after trying this relaxation technique. 9. Any stress symptoms I have (headache, tense muscles, anxiety) before doing this relaxation technique disappear by the time I am done. 10. Each time I conclude this technique, my pulse rate is significantly lower than when I began. Next, add up all the numbers in each column for a score for each of the four relaxation techniques. The lower the score, the more effective you rate that method of relaxation. Practice the
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Unformatted text preview: relaxation technique you rated most effective for several weeks to evaluate it over time. If it holds up, you have found a means of relaxing that you can use the rest of your life. If its effects seem to wear off over time, try the next highest rated technique for the next several weeks. If its effects, too, wear off over time, you might consider alternating these two techniques to alleviate any boredom or “sameness” you experience. You also might investigate other relaxation techniques for their effectiveness (for example, yoga, body scanning, exercise). gre06755_ch07.qxd 4/8/05 4:13 PM Page 96...
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