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Unformatted text preview: Section VIII Deciding to Manage Stress: Using Systematic Decision- Making Skills A student in one of my classes told me about his mother’s encounter with her physician. During a routine medical screening, she was diagnosed as being hypertensive. In fact, her physician told her that her blood pressure was so high that it threatened her very life. When she related to her son what had happened, he asked what treatment the physician recommended. She showed him the medication she was instructed to take daily. Her son then inquired as to what caused her high blood pressure; whether others in the family are susceptible to this condition and whether they also should be screened; when she should take her medication, that is, should it be taken with food or water, after a meal or before; when she should be reevaluated and how often should these evaluations occur, and so forth. He was shocked to learn that his mother knew none of these answers. When he showed his concern, she told him that the physician had a lot of people in the waiting room and was very busy,...
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