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She discusses her desire to find a suitable diet with one of her close friends. Together they identify several different diet plans that may be useful for Katherine. Katherine thinks about how she feels about going on a diet. She then discusses the different diets with her family doctor, who points out the positive and negative features of each. They also discuss what Katherine will have to do in order to stick to each diet plan. What is the best thing for Katherine to do next in order to use the systematic decision- making approach? A. Discuss the different diets with another friend. B. Select one of the diets. C. Have her doctor select one of the diets for her. D. Realize that she must choose a suitable diet. 2. William started smoking many years ago, before the dangers of cigarette smoking were known. Now he recognizes that his cigarette smoking is bad for his health. Although William knows that it might be difficult, he wants to quit smoking. Some of his friends who used to smoke have already quit. William is sure that there are many different ways to stop smoking.
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