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5. Phil works in a very busy office. He has a great deal of work to do and sometimes he is unable to complete it on time. Phil knows that he is under stress at work and he wants to find a good way to reduce it. He discusses his problem with some of his friends. He then makes a list of all the ways that he knows of to reduce stress at work. What is the best thing for Phil to do next in order to use the systematic decision- making approach? A. Get information about his ideas from the company doctor. B. Select one of the ideas on his list. C. Ask his doctor to choose a good way for him to reduce the stress at work. D. Realize that he must find an appropriate way to reduce the stress at work. 6. Mary wants to take her son to be immunized at a local clinic. The clinic is very busy. Her child can have an appointment only on a day when Mary has an important business meeting. Mary already has made a doctor's appointment in two months for her child's routine checkup. She realizes that she must decide whether to take her child to the clinic or wait and
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