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12. Joe drinks a great deal of alcohol. He always has many drinks after work. Lately he has been drinking when he gets up in the morning. He knows that he has a drinking problem. What is the best thing for Joe to do next in order to use the systematic decision- making approach? A. Enroll in an alcoholism treatment program. B. Watch other people to see if they drink as much as he does. C. Recognize that he must decide what to do about his drinking. D. Realize that he will have to decide what changes to make in his life. 13. Margaret wants to stop smoking. She knows that there are many ways to quit and that she should choose the best way for her. She discusses the matter with a friend. They come up with several plans: (a) Margaret could stop smoking completely on a certain day or (b) Margaret could slowly reduce the number of cigarettes she smokes each day until she gives them up completely. Margaret calls her doctor to ask her doctor’s opinion. She also talks to other people who have already quit smoking. Margaret decides to stop smoking gradually. At the start of every week, she reduces
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