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INCORRECT ANSWER CHOICE ANALYSIS Skipped Step Repeated Step Deflective Action 1. A,D C 2. B D A 3. A,B C 4. B,D A 5. B D C 6. A,C D 7. A,C B 8. D C 9. A C B 10. A,C B D 11. B C,D 12. A D B 13. D C A 14. A,D B 15. A,C B ACTIVITY: LEGISLATING DECISIONS Imagine you are elected as a state senator and are required to vote on a number of controversial issues. Each time you decide how to vote, you use a systematic method of decision making. Below, briefly describe how you would decide each of the controversial matters presented. Be more concerned with the process you would follow in making your decision than with the decision itself.
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Unformatted text preview: What steps would you follow and in what order? 1. Should your state make abortion available to pregnant women? If so, under what circumstances? You need to decide whose consent should be sought. Who should have to pay for the procedure? Should parents have to be notified if the woman is a minor? Should the father of the fetus be told? Should his approval be sought? What other considerations are necessary? Ineffective Implementation of Incorrect Step Ineffective Implementation of Correct Step 103 gre06755_ch08.qxd 4/22/05 11:10 AM Page 103...
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