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2. Should your state make surrogate mothering legal? If so, under what circumstances? You need to decide whether a woman should be allowed to be paid to carry the fertilized egg of another woman. Should the company that connects the woman wanting a child with the surrogate mother be allowed to receive a fee? What should be done with babies that are born and not accepted by the woman who contracted with the surrogate mother (for example, babies born with a birth defect)? What should be done with the surrogate mother who refuses to give up the baby once it is born? 3. What should be done with frozen ova that are not used during in vitro fertilization (test tube babies)? When a woman has difficulty becoming pregnant, eggs can be withdrawn from her ovary and fertilized outside of her body (this procedure is called in vitro fertilization).
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Unformatted text preview: Because the first few eggs transplanted in a woman's womb usually do not grow and develop into a fetus, more eggs are fertilized than are necessary. The fertilized eggs not immediately transplanted arc frozen for use at a later time, if necessary. In that way, the woman is not subjected to another invasive procedure every time her eggs are needed. If she does become pregnant, what should be done with the frozen fertilized eggs that have not been transplanted? Should they be discarded? Should they be used with other women seeking to become pregnant? Who should make these decisions? Discuss your answers with your classmates and instructor and have them help you evaluate whether the way in which you arrived at your decision was systematic. 104 gre06755_ch08.qxd 4/22/05 11:10 AM Page 104...
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