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After you rank order X, A, B, C, and D, discuss your rankings with your classmates. Make sure to include the reasons for your rankings in this discussion. You will find that different people ranked these characters differently, and that is because different people have different values. Some of your classmates may value and admire X for her tremendous devotion, such that she would do anything to see the man she loved. Others may despise her for her infidelity. Some may value A for not “using” X when he had something she wanted. Others may feel A is selfish for not helping someone in need. Still others may admire B for going out of his way to help X even though he demanded a price, although there are classmates who may hate B for taking advantage of someone in need. And C may be admired for his emphasis on faithfulness by some and loathed by others for his lack of understanding of the predicament in which X found herself. Lastly, D may be ranked highly by those who value his willingness to help
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