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INTERPRETATION OF SCORES The maximum score attainable of 100 represents your strong intention to use systematic decision making in a variety of situations, along with a high level of confidence in that ability. Scores lower than 50 mean you are unsure that you will use systematic decision making and that you can be effective in its use. Merely intending to use systematic decision making is not good enough here. You need to be confident that you can use it well or it is likely that you won't try. ACTIVITY: A MODEL OF DECISION MAKING Making decisions can and should be more systematic than is usually the case. If decisions were more systematic, better decisions would be made and the result would be less distress derived from poor decisions. This activity teaches one system for making decisions and encourages you to use this system for a decision you need to make. The model of decision making we will use includes six steps: 1. Perceive the problem. Recognizing that the problem exists is the first step in solving it.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Define the problem. Narrow the scope of the problem so that it can be solved. 3. Get ideas about the problem. Generate as many possible solutions as can be thought up. Do not evaluate the solutions at this point. The idea is to accumulate as many as possible. 4. Evaluate the ideas. Evaluate each idea that has been generated in order to determine the relative merits of each alternative. 5. Act. Choose one alternative and put it into action. 6. React. Evaluate the action taken and determine whether it has been effective (if so, continue it) or ineffective (in which case, try to put another alternative into action). To use this system, identify a decision you need to make and complete the form below: DECISION-MAKING FORM 1. The decision I need to make is 2. More specifically, this problem entails 3. Possible solutions are a. b. c. 111 gre06755_ch08.qxd 4/22/05 11:10 AM Page 111...
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