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Stress Managment Quiz 9 pg 1

Stress Managment Quiz 9 pg 1 - gre06755_ch09.qxd Section...

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Section IX Specific Application: Intention to Use Stress Management Techniques My father-in-law died recently and, as you can imagine, that was a very stressful time. My mother-in- law dwelled on the obvious tragedy of the situation. She would no longer have contact with the man with whom she shared close to fifty years of marriage. My wife took a different tack. She, too, recognized the loss of the man who fathered her for all the years of her life. Still, she could also focus on the way he died. He did not undergo any surgeries, he did not wind up with tubes sticking out of various cavities of his body, and he did not undergo many years of physical or mental incapacity. Instead, his heart merely gave out at the age of 77 and he died in his sleep. And that gave her comfort, making this stressful situation more manageable. I would like to take credit for the manner in which my wife was able to handle this stressful situation—you know, being married to a stress expert and all of that—but to be truthful, she has a way of finding the bright side in most situations.
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