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Stress Managment Quiz 9 pg 6

Stress Managment Quiz 9 pg 6 - assistance Be prepared to...

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B. Use one of these three stress management techniques this week, another next week, and the third the week after. At the end of each week, record whether the technique helped you manage stress. By the end of week three you should have found at least one technique you can be successful in using to manage your stress. III. Social Support A. Identify two people who you feel comfortable asking to help you manage stress. 1. 2. B. List the three ways each of these people can help. For example, one person may be uniquely qualified by experience or personality to make suggestions regarding how to handle stressful events, whereas the other person may be able to exercise with you so you feel less distressed. (Person's Name) (Person's Name) 1. 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. C. Next, ask these people to help you in the way in which you have identified they can be of
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Unformatted text preview: assistance. Be prepared to negotiate with them to help in some other way if they feel uncomfortable or unwilling to assist you as you had envisioned. If one of these people is unwilling to help you manage stress, identify a substitute person, list three ways that person might help, and ask that person about his or her willingness to assist. Now that you have modeled your behavior on someone whom you perceive as successful in managing stress, have practiced stress management skills, and have sought the social support you need, you can feel more confident that you can actually manage the stress you encounter. 118 gre06755_ch09.qxd 5/5/05 1:50 PM Page 118...
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