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Scale 9.2: How Intent Are You on Using Stress Management Techniques? We conclude this book by giving you a chance to determine how intent you are on employing stress management techniques to help you cope with the stress of your life. This scale measures the degree to which you are committed to use stress management strategies. This survey describes things that people might do to manage stress. Read each statement. Circle Yes or No to show if you intend to do what is described in the item. If you circle Yes, then use the Strength of Intention scale to show how strong your intention is to do what is described. The following examples show how the
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Unformatted text preview: Strength of Intention scale is used. 1. Eat something every day. Yes/No 90 2. Go to a store this week. Yes/No 70 3. Try to swim across an ocean. Yes/No Strength of Intention Scale 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Very Very Weak Strong STRESS MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES 1. Find alternatives for goals you have been unable to reach. Yes/No 2. Stay away from crowded places if they make you nervous. Yes/No IF YES, HOW STRONG IS YOUR INTENTION? DO YOU INTEND TO DO THIS? IF YES, HOW STRONG IS YOUR INTENTION? DO YOU INTEND TO DO THIS? STRESS MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES 119 gre06755_ch09.qxd 5/5/05 1:50 PM Page 119...
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