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STRESS MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES 3. Do the most important things first when you have too many things to do. Yes/No 4. Find interesting things to do when you are bored. Yes/No 5. Use earplugs when you are in very noisy places. Yes/No 6. Avoid unnecessary changes when you have many other things to do. Yes/No 7. Look at the positive things in yourself and your life. Yes/No 8. Take one thing at a time. Yes/No 9. Get plenty of sleep every night. Yes/No 10. Talk about your problems with friends or family. Yes/No 11. Talk about your problems with the people
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Unformatted text preview: who are involved in them. Yes/No 12. Balance work with relaxing activities. Yes/No 13. Use relaxation techniques. Yes/No 14. Get regular exercise. Yes/No 15. Avoid large amounts of caffeine. Yes/No 16. Try to identify what is causing your stress. Yes/No 17. Accept realistic goals for yourself and others. Yes/No 18. Avoid having many big changes come at the same time. Yes/No IF YES, HOW STRONG IS YOUR INTENTION? DO YOU INTEND TO DO THIS? 120 gre06755_ch09.qxd 5/5/05 1:50 PM Page 120...
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