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Stress Managment Quiz 9 pg 11

Stress Managment Quiz 9 pg 11 - gre06755_ch09.qxd 1:50 PM...

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DO NOT PROCEED UNTIL YOU HAVE LISTED EACH AND EVERY WORRY SOMEPLACE IN THE WORRY GRID. WORRY GRID Can Control Cannot Control Important I II Not Important III IV Once you have listed all your worries on the Worry Grid, you need to check your work carefully . Look at Quadrant I: Are there any worries listed here that are either really beyond your control or are really not very important? If so, delete that worry from Quadrant I and move it to the appropriate quadrant in the grid. What you are now left with in Quadrant I are only those worries that are both important to you and over which you can exercise some control. Those are the only worries you need to focus on. Here's why. Left in Quadrant II are worries that, while important to you, can be little influenced by anything you do since you cannot exercise any control over them. If there's nothing you can do, why worry? The worry serves no useful purpose and only makes you unhappy and distressed. It's like worrying about flying on an airplane. Once in the air, unless you know how to fly a plane, worrying
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