official lesson plan to Viva la Poetry!

official lesson plan to Viva la Poetry! - Sarah Lewis-Leach...

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                        Viva la Poetry! Concept / Topic To Teach :   Students will learn about how allusion (specifically biblical allusion) functions in a song/poem. Students will then learn about free verse poetry as they attempt to create their own headline poem. Standards Addressed: Grade: 10,11,12 Description: ELAWLRL1 The student demonstrates comprehension by identifying evidence (e.g., diction, imagery, point of view, figurative language, symbolism, plot events, main ideas, and cultural characteristics) in a variety of texts representative of different genres (e.g., poetry, prose, short story, novel, essay, editorial, biography, and drama) and using this evidence as the basis for interpretation. Critical Component: The student identifies and analyzes elements of poetry from various periods of world literature and provides evidence from the text to support understanding; the student: a. Identifies, responds to, and analyzes the effects of diction, syntax, sound, form, figurative language, and structure of poems as these elements relate to meaning. i. sound: alliteration, end rhyme, internal rhyme, terza rima, consonance, assonance ii. form: haiku, lyric, epic, narrative poem iii. figurative language: personification, imagery, metaphor, epic simile, synecdoche, hyperbole, symbolism b. Analyzes and evaluates the effects of diction and imagery (e.g., controlling images, figurative language, understatement, irony, paradox, and tone) as they relate to underlying meaning. c. Identifies and responds to poetic forms specific to particular cultures.
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official lesson plan to Viva la Poetry! - Sarah Lewis-Leach...

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