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Unformatted text preview: Pop Music and Movies Pop Pop Music and Movies Pop Discussion point – do the people below justify the fame, money and status they enjoy? fame, Do some deserve Do more than others? more Pop Music and Movies Pop *Should there be a maximum Should maximum wage, for instance, for everyone, wage big stars included? big * Do all such stars have the Do genuine talent that no-one else genuine has? has? Pop Stars and Movies Pop Should stars like these be left alone to these enjoy their night? enjoy Or have they, by becoming famous, given up the right to the privacy that you and I take for granted? take And if they know that And they are in the public they eye, should they be aware of how their behaviour might influence fans? might Pop Stars and Movies Pop What about movie ratings? Can you name the 5 What different ratings films must be given before they can be shown to the general public? be U PG 12 15 18 If a movie is given one of these categories, what does If it mean is contained within the film? it Pop Stars and Movies Pop Should people be allowed, in a democracy, to watch Should any movie they feel like, regardless of age? What restrictions would you make, if any, were someone to give you the authority… give ...
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