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Unformatted text preview: What is Nothing? What • Is it empty space? • Is it the number ZERO? • Is it when you just sit and be quiet? NOW… NOW… PUT YOUR HEAD DOWN AND DO NOTHING C’mon…Try really hard… be very still…can you do it? Is it possible to… DO NOTHING? Is your brain still working? Is your heart still beating? Aren’t you thinking… ABOUT SOMETHING But, how do you get something… FROM NOTHING? Ex nihilo Ex • This is a Latin word; it means: “OUT OF NOTHING” Think about making something… Think OUT OF NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE YOU SAY?? SAY?? MAYBE NOT LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT THE ATOM Atoms are made of teeny tiny particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons. The green and orange dots in the in the middle are called the nucleus of the atom. The electrons spin (really fast) around the nucleus. Everything in the whole Universe (planets, stars, people, animals, plants) is made of Atoms. EVERYTHING!! But this picture is not exactly how real atoms appear. We can imagine the atom a lot bigger to get an idea of what it actually looks like. If the protons and neutrons were as wide as the tip of your finger, and the electrons were the diameter of one human hair… of Then the whole atom would be wider than the Then whole length of fifteen football fields! (no way…YES WAY!!) (no SO WHAT…DOES THIS MEAN? MEAN? (DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW?) THIS WILL FREAK YOU OUT (I PROMISE) ARE YOU READY? IT MEANS THAT THE ATOM IS 99.9% THE EMPTY SPACE… IT MEANS THAT… IT THE ATOM IS: NOTHING! IT MEANS THAT… IT EVERYTHING IS MADE OF… NOTHING! TOLD YOU… TOLD IT WOULD FREAK YOU OUT BUT… BUT… HOW CAN THIS BE TRUE? IT IS TRUE BECAUSE, IT WHEN THESE ZILLIONS AND CABILLIONS OF ATOMS HOOK UP (LINK ELECTRONS) TOGETHER THEY MAKE WHAT WE SEE AS SOLID OBJECTS. SO… SO… • WHEN CONNECTIONS (between electrons) ARE MADE SOMETHING IS CREATED. YOUR ASSIGNMENT: YOUR • GO HOME AND DO NOTHING (SIT QUIETLY FOR AT LEAST 15 MINUTES) THEN… THEN… • TRY NOT TO THINK OF ANYTHING… BUT • AT THE SAME TIME PAY GENTLE ATTENTION TO WHAT POPS INTO YOUR MIND AND FINALLY AND • IF SOMETHING INTERESTING HAPPENS… • WRITE IT DOWN…AND… • COME BACK AND TALK ABOUT IT SO, NOW YOU KNOW THAT, SO, • SOMETHING IS REALLY NOTHING (and) • NOTHING IS REALLY SOMETHING SO YOU CAN MAKE SO • SOMETHING (A PAINTING, STICK CASTLE, DRESS, PAPER BIRDS, RUBBERBAND FANS, WOODEN CHICKENS, CARS, POSTERS, STORIES, ROBOTS, HOUSES,… ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE!!) OUT OF NOTHING THE END (OF NOTHING) Many thanks to… Many • Thomas and Tony for wanting to learn about.. NOTHING. ...
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