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Crime and deviance 1

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Unformatted text preview: UNDERSTANDING HUMAN SOCIETY CRIME AND DEVIANCE Crime and Deviance Crime Crime: An act or failure to act An that breaks the law of the land. the Deviance: Actions that do not Actions conform to the norms or expectations of members of society. of Task Task In groups, carry out the Quiz on Crime and In Deviance. Deviance. What conclusions can you draw from your What discussions? discussions? CRIME AND DEVIANCE AND A Criminal Act can become a deviant act Criminal and some deviant acts can become criminal. criminal. Some acts can be both deviant and Some criminal. Can you think of examples? criminal. Question…… Question…… What is the difference between a criminal What act and a deviant act? act Task Task Now , in groups, discuss worksheet 2. Did you draw any conclusions this time? Just think….. BBC - Chewin' the Fat - The Neds Questions Questions Is crime a choice... or an impulse beyond the criminal’s control? Why do gangs develop in some areas of a city and not in others? How does a thief l...
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