Ireland in conflict personalities of 1909-1922

Ireland in conflict personalities of 1909-1922 - IRELAND IN...

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Unformatted text preview: IRELAND IN CONFLICT 1909 - 1922 Test your knowledge of who’s who in the Ireland in Conflict topic with the following slideshow As the images of historical personalities from the topic appear, try to work out who they are and what view they held over Ireland’s future. REMEMBER Home Rule = limited government/self-rule for Ireland still linked to British Crown (perhaps with Northern Ireland still part of United Kingdom) Nationalist= the whole of Ireland having self-government (including North) Republican= Ireland being independent and totally self-governing (no link to British Crown) Socialist= workers/people governing Ireland Click here to begin Edward CARSON Edward Leader of Ulster Unionist Council UNIONIST Michael COLLINS Leader of IRA forces and IRB REPUBLICAN Patrick PEARSE James CONNOLLY IRB member and leader of Founder of Irish Citizens Army Easter Rising SOCIALIST REPUBLICAN Arthur GRIFFITH Founder of Sinn Fein REPUBLICAN David LLOYD GEORGE British Prime Minister 1916 - 1922 Click here to move to the next slide Eammon DE VALERA Eammon Leader of Sinn Fein REPUBLICAN Herbert ASQUITH British Prime Minister Eoin MAC NEILL Leader of Irish Volunteer Force NATIONALIST Roger CASEMENT Member of IRB REPUBLICAN John REDMOND Leader of Irish Nationalist Party NATIONALIST James CRAIG Deputy Leader of Ulster Unionist Party UNIONIST Click here to move to the next slide MY BUDGET WAS REJECTED BY THE HOUSE OF LORDS THE FOOLS, THE FOOLS, THE FOOLS! THE HOME RULE? OVER MY DEAD BODY! MY GOODNESS, I HATE SUBMARINES MY THE SOCIALIST REVOLUTION WILL SOLVE IRELAND’S PROBLEMS WELL BOYO, YOU WILL HAVE TO SPLIT IRELAND WE CANNOT AFFORD YOU GOING AROUND RIDDLING PEOPLE THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH A STIFF WHISKEY WE WILL DO A DEAL WITH YOU MR ASQUITH I DID NOT HAVE A HAPPY EASTER THEY DID NOT TELL ME THE TRUTH NOT SHOT IN 1916 HIMSELF STARTED IT This powerpoint was kindly donated to is home to over a thousand powerpoints submitted by teachers. This is a completely free site and requires no registration. Please visit and I hope it will help in your teaching. ...
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