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Option 1: Often times we need proof to believe. Words alone are not enough. It definitely helps to have words to study and to remind us of things because humans are prone to mistakes and forgetting. If these words were not written, as they are passed on through words, they can make mistakes in memory and in speech that can cause much trouble. It is said that stories change as it goes from mouth to mouth, so having an original copy is definitely useful. I know for me, I don’t listen as well as I read also. I zone out when people talk to me but when I’m reading, even if I zone out, I can reread and am able to study each word more carefully than I could when I listen. And also, when hearing things, people often times hear wrong and are misled, leading to misunderstandings. I think this kept the Nephites from dwindling in unbelief also because they have this concrete proof that their forefathers existed and these things happened. It is ironic how we need proof or something solid and concrete that we can see to believe sometimes and the
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