Personal assessment week 9

Personal assessment week 9 - something and it’s on sale...

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I liked how we talked about hearts being set on the vain things of the world and carnality. We see a lot of that these days and we see a lot of that in the scriptures as well. We need to constantly be focused on the gospel and have the eternal perspective in mind and have our eyes and hearts set on the kingdom of God. It becomes harder and harder to keep focused and we get distracted. We have to keep tithing in mind as well. As we want more and more and become more focused on worldly things it becomes harder to do that. And I think this is something that I should keep in mind and keep focused on also. This also reminds me of a quote from some general authority saying, “A small leak can sink a great ship”. It was talking about wise spending and I just think we all need to choose and think wisely and make right choices. It is easy to just spend because you really want
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Unformatted text preview: something and it’s on sale and you go, “oh it’s only a dollar”. I also like how we talked about misery loving company. It’s so true and Satan definitely wants us to become like him and come to him. That’s why he tempts us and tries to get us to fall away from Christ so that we can suffer like him for eternity. It is important not to give in and have a positive attitude. We need to have our eyes single to the glory of God and have faith in him that all will be well and find comfort in the fact that he knows best. I know that he has definitely been there to comfort me in times of need and knowing the gospel has helped me tremendously and comforted me to know that I will see my family members again and we can be together for all eternity. Knowing this has helped me get through the past couple days. (337)...
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